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Mason Barrett

New member
Jul 22, 2021
Payer(s) being reported*: 2309, 361, 1032
Date and time when incident occurred: 08/19/21

Your character name*: Mason Barrett (675)
Other player(s) involved: Liam Freeman (2343)

Specific rule(s) broken*:
2309: VDM, FRP, NVL
361: VDM, FRP, NVL
1032: VDM, FRP, NVL

How did the player break the rule(s)? (75 words minimum*.)

(PLEASE NOTE TIMESTAMPS ARE IN DESCRIPTION OF CLIPS) In CLIP 1 ID 2309 proceeds to spin out and barrel roll many times before driving off without RPing any injuries (FRP/NVL). In clip 2 ID 361 and 1032 both try to ram me off of the road not valuing their own life and attempting to VDM me out of nowhere without having any previous interaction with them assuming they are with 2309 and using trucker job vehicle to obstruct pursuit (VDM/NVL/FRP). In CLIP 3 ID 361 is seen ramming my vehicle (running over Liam off-camera) (VDM/FRP/NVL). In CLIP 4 at the 46-second mark, 361 rams me (VDM) then 1032 proceeds to ram Liam Freeman (2343) 58 seconds in, then 361 can be seen attempting to ram me again at the 1:10 mark and failing, then at the very end of the video 361 is seen ramming me almost off of the clip into the ocean (VDM/FRP/NVL). In CLIP 5 at the 1:40 mark, 2309 is seen taking a very lethal jump and not RPing injures as well as not valuing life. I want to note that I also took the jump and should have RPed injuries, but I have been chasing this guy for over 15 minutes now and he has gotten away by doing stupid jumps like this every time so my frustration took the better of me and I didn't RP injuries to keep the pursuit going (He obviously knew it was a jump so NVL/FRP). In the final clip, CLIP 6 361 first rams me (VDM/NVL) then both 361 and 2309 proceed to take the obviously lethal jump off of the freeway onto railway tracks below and not RP injuries and drive off (NVL/FRP). It is apparent that 2309 and his buddies 361 and 1032 have no regard for server rules or role play as they broke multiple rules multiple times over a 20-minute long pursuit.

Evidence of rule breach*:

Shaun MacAllister

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Jr. Game Admin
Jul 6, 2021
Report Accepted

ID: 2309 has been found violating NVL(No Value For Life) rule, ID: 1032 and ID: 361 has ben found violating CR(Car Ramming) rule.

Punishment Pending

If you feel like the report was made in error feel free to make an appeal

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Shaun Macallister - RPC Staff
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