Tony Dundee Backstory


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Jul 7, 2021
Name: Tony
Surname: Dundee
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Date of birth: 03/01/1988
Nationality: Australian
Place of Birth: Australia
Occupation: Unemployed
Residence: Los Santos City, San Andreas
Parents: Father: Mullet Man. Mother: Mary Snagz
Height and weight: 175 cm / 90 kg
Body Type: Athletic Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Beach Blonde
Facial hair: Beard
Tattoos: Arms, Legs, Torso, Neck
Citizenship: American/Australian.
Personality: Sick Cunt, Likeable, Easily Angry.
Knowledge of languages: English, Auzzie, Fuckwit.

Before The Incident

While living in Australia, Tony Dundee was a NSW Police Officer, Tony would show up to work high, drunk and all out fucked up. With that Tony was all very corrupt. Tony was part of the undercover unit and would tend to harm suspects for information. After Tony left his wife, Mary, following a dispute about the raising of his son, Jimmy. He went to the pub to split some "stubbies" with his mate, Dazza Bazza. That night at the pub was his last memory before he woke up in Los Santos, with no idea how he got there.

After The Incident

Tony stayed in Los Santos, enjoying the new life filled with crime and going on wild, thrilling adventures. His days consisted of activities such drinking stubbies "Alcohol", patrolling and doing police officer things (and binge-watching the show Bondi Rescue and RBT.) After the stubbie rush was no longer satisfactory, Dundee was motivated to make his presence known in Los Santos. He felt Australia was represented as "Soft Cunts" in the eyes of Americans, and wanted to change that misconception.

Dazza Bazza moved to Los Santos to help his mate with his adventure. He additionally adopted his best mate Gazz Maloo to fuck around with off duty.


Dundee is now spending his time building the reputation of Australians in America; following the close footsteps of Australian cops such as "Daron the Copper" and "Piggy the Copper". He decided to become the best Australian Cop in Los Santos.
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