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Sep 1, 2021
>To keep a neutral ground with all unless provoked<

>To have our name heard by many but identities known by none<
>To Provide stability (in all areas) for all members and friends<
>There are no allies at the current time<
>If any alliance is desired then we shall meet at our HQ<



>There are no enemies at the current time<
>We wish to make no enemies but if we are provoked then we will deal with the issue professionally<

HQ Location

Family Origin
It had all started when there was a gentlemen who had ties to a high powered organization,the organization would pay healthy sums of money for 'dirty work' that the gentlemen carried out,this money came a delight to see but longer down the line the ties were cut as the organization had better plans,the gentlemen was stabbed in the back and set up as an attempt to kill the gentlemen in hopes that some money could be recovered from their pay,the gentlmen had made a swift escape and took for a
new city.
Upon arrival in the new city there was a lack of money in pockets and that had to change,the gentlemen still liked the idea of doing other peoples dirty work so they formed their own family now know as 'The Gentlemen',this family always kept their ground neutral with everybody in hopes that they would offer great sums of money to 'clean up some mess professionally

The family would rarely be recognised and the member count was unknown just how they liked it but people began to pick up on the common families The Gentlemen would have tied with.

The family had to make yet a new escape to keep their profile low and continue their work.

Family Colours
>Colours such as Purple and Grey may be worn<

Shaun MacAllister

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Jul 6, 2021
Requesting HQ location from the leader of 'The Gentlemen'.

Shaun Macallister-Family Management Team