Rule Update: Racism, Abusiveness, Robbery Rules & Turf Rules

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Jun 21, 2021
The following General and Family rules have been changed. Please make sure you read them.
You can find both the whole updated rulebooks in the sticky. The new rules will be marked as blue.

General Server Rules

- If a player breaks the rule during the situation you must finish the roleplay and report later.
(Players have 2 days from the time of the rule break to file the report) You must also roleplay any injuries that occur to your character or any accidents that happen when driving, even if you are alone.

IC and OOC Interactions
9. You are forbidden to abuse anyone else's parents to an extent where it's taking it too far, be respectful. (Both IC/OOC chat)
10. It is forbidden to be disrespectful towards other religions or be racist (hard R or calling them by names) in both IC and OOC chats and interactions.

State Employees & Public Properties

15. Police members are not allowed to arrest players in the hospital if those players died in a turf war or if the police officers killed them in a shootout..

Robbery and Kidnapping (Hostage Situation) Rules
1. Family Members can rob other family members & off duty faction workers. Civilians may not be robbed or kidnapped unless there is a valid reason (e.g, killing a family member). The robbery can be done everywhere during night time, in hidden alleys or personal turfs through daytime and away from the population ((desert, mountains, black market etc)).
2. The max amount of money you can request for ransom is $50,000
3. It is forbidden to camp or stalk the illegal task area and the robbery task area with intentions to rob anyone that shows up

Turf Rules

11. Family members must not abuse the turf script and keep going in and out of the turf when an active turf war is happening. You must stay inside the active turf zone at all times.
12. Family members are not allowed to shoot in an active turf war from vehicles. You must be on foot if you are fighting a turf war.
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