Rule Update: Family Rules

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Jun 21, 2021
The following family rules have been changed. Please make sure you read them.
You can read the whole family rulebook in case of confusions.

2. Players must roleplay the robbery scenarios using Voice RP or /me & /do commands. Anyone robbing without roleplay will be punished.
8. Family members are allowed to rob/kidnap rival family members in their own turf or outside the city, given that they RP’d the scenario properly using Voice RP or /me & /do. It must be hidden from the police & army and there must be a valid roleplay reason before initiating. Civilians may not be robbed or kidnapped unless there is a valid reason (e.g, killing a family member).
16. Gangs must be wearing their gang colours on the clothing that they are wearing if they are participating in illegal activities (robberies, captures, wars, etc.). You may not wear your colors if you are hiding from the cops, doing legal jobs, etc. You must include your colours on a major clothing item such as a shirt OR trousers. Shirts/Trousers will make up 50% of your color. You must meet the 60% requirement).
27. Players are not allowed to rob people for more than $25,000 in cash as well as all guns & ammo. You must not rob anything else other than the things mentioned
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