Noa_Wic banned for RDM Ban Appeal

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Aug 2, 2021
Your In game name and ID: Noa_wic 2172

Admin who issued the Punishment: Frantic

The date you were punished: 08/23/2021

Why was the punishment issued? Because the admin who banned me never got the full story didn't even read the comments that i posted explaining the whole situation and the whole picture he just got a edited clip that id 62 sean posted and took his word for it. I gave demands to another police officer and then they fled to a green zone which we didnt know was one then when we pushed up we died and he realized it was a green zone but couldn't leave we were already dead.

What are you going to do to prevent this from happening again?
(100 WORD MINIMUM) i was unaware that, that area was a green zone. i will do my do my due diligence to make sure i never accidentally shoot in a green zone even if said person runs into one and study the rules more thoroughly.

Proof of not breaking any rules (Optional):
We pulled up to the prison trying to break our friend free before he got their, a helicopter came we gave demands they didnt get out we started shooting at the helicopter other police showed up started shooting at us from the green zone we pushed up, not knowing it was a green zone while they were shooting we pushed up figured out it was a green zone we tried to turn around but they didnt give us anytime and didnt say anything like "hey this is a green zone" if they just said that we would have turned around and just left. and this all started with my buddy getting arrested 10 mins prior to turf which is not allowed either.
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