Night Ravens


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Sep 21, 2021
"Night Ravens"

Our family goal is to respect one another and make value for each other.
2: We stick together to make our dreams come true of owning multiple legal businesses and get rich together.
3: Our family has no limit; we will always look for those who have nothing to live for and let them become one of our family members to help them get up on their feet again and give them purpose to exist.

Any individual / family or gang that means us no harm are considered friends, To form a true alliance individual / family or gang MUST come to our HQ to discuss some terms.

Currently there are no enemies to Night Ravens in LS!

Family Origin:

Our family members had many shared struggles, everyone had it differently and for the same reasons, we were brought together by fate. After the five main members of this family were desperate and facing the tough life, By coincidence Dan found us all in different parts of the town struggling to make a living, he helped every one of us with the our needs to stand on our feet. He united us as a family, gave us a roof on our heads, an opportunity to work and enough money to start our lives with. He earned our respect, trust and loyalty. Dan gave our lives a purpose, he boosted our confidence and provided us with a plan to work all together and to get richer together. So we had a vision of moving somewhere new and begin our journey. But, before moving to LS, we as a family decided to put all of our hard-earned money into one project, to build a large community apartments complex in LS that can contain us all and whoever struggled to find support, care and respect. This particular apartment complex was our first true achievement as a family, and we are proud to reach this level of accomplishment.

Current Family Members:

Dan Cruz
(Family leader)
Chris Wilson
Steven Castle
Raafat Aljumaili
Safeya Aljumaili

HQ GPS Location: San Andreas, West Eclipse Blvd


Family Logo:


Family Color: Gold
Family Clothing Style: Business Casual