Jordan Devil Ban Appeal


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Jul 20, 2021
Admin who issued the Punishment: Linn

The date you were punished: 07/19/2021

Why was the punishment issued? IRL Trading (I did not buy anything)

What are you going to do to prevent this from happening again?
Firstly, I do want to apologize to the community for what happened. By no means am I a rule-breaker. I'm one of the original members back from RPC 1.0. Since I've played here I've been nothing more but a friend, leader, and a positive influence in this community. I've made so many friends in this community and I wanted to help make it better. I clearly understand the rules and why they're in place and I as well as others can vouch for this. Let this be a warning to others, be and stay legit because there are people out there who want to destroy / put down others. I've never been banned nor do I ever plan on being banned in the future. If I am unbanned I plan on restoring my name and showing everyone how great of a person I am. To the admins, please forgive me and the mistake that I made. It was never my intent to IRL because I did not purchase anything. I overheard on discord voice that someone was trading and that they tried to scam / trap one of my friends so I took it upon myself to investigate and report because these type of things can jeopardize the integrity of the community and it is unfair to others who spend alot of time building their characters, etc.

Proof of not breaking any rules (Optional):

I've sent screenshots to Finn

Shaun MacAllister

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Jr. Game Admin
Jul 6, 2021
Jordan Devil, please submit the screenshots here, so that it's easier for the administrator who banned you, to review the appeal.

Shaun Macallister-RPC Staff member
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