Jonny Sinner Ban appeal

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Big jonny lad

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Jul 27, 2021
Your In game name and ID: Jonny Sinner 1264

Admin who issued the Punishment: Danny Fate

The date you were punished: 08/22/21

Why was the punishment issued? Because I ran away from a officer with a gun at me

What are you going to do to prevent this from happening again?
(100 WORD MINIMUM) I think it is justified because he FailRPed with us having a hostage so in an attempt to recover the RP and carry on the robbery with the hostage, I ran inside to carry on. He only says hands up when I'm running towards the hostage after he failRPs and kills Bradley.

Proof of not breaking any rules (Optional):
that's it being accepted and here's the clip from him arriving
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