ID 2154 - Green zone RDM

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Jul 12, 2021
Player(s) being reported: Unknown name, ID: 2154
Date of interaction reported: 8/9/2021
Time of interaction reported: 1:01 PM

Your characters name: Lewis Hampton [22]
Other player(s) involved: Unknown names, IDs: 2154, 2153, 1052, 1263

Specific rule(s) broken: [Include the Rule with a brief description of the rule.]
19. Green zone
No illegal activity shall occur in a green zones

15. DM/RDM
When a player attacks another player without proper roleplay reason and interaction.

How did the player break the rule(s)?
The attacker [2154] was fight a newbie [1263] in a tow area (seemed like it was consensual), and then when he got dropped by his own friend [1052], he dropped his weapons and somebody picked them up. The attacker accused me of taking his weapons when I just went to tow my vehicle, and proceeded to try to rob me in a GZ (obviously I didn't let that happen, it's a GZ), and then killed me, took my weapons and went on to apologize (don't care about his apology, also didn't get my gun and ammo back).

Evidence of rule break:


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Aug 5, 2021
My friend and the two others were just joking around and he thought you took his shotgun, thats why he shot you. He literally misunderstood the situation, he revived you after you were shot down as well. Why do you even report this, you got revived and got all your stuff back???


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Jul 6, 2021

Report Denied

ID: 22 Can be seen breaking (Mixing)

It has come to my attention as many others that this towing zone isn't actually a greenzone.

Legion Square and all surrounding areas (Exception Clause 10a) ➔
Legion Towing (Towing 1/3) only

Punishment Issued

If you feel like the report was made in error feel free to make an appeal

Thank you and have a wonderful day!​
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