banned for rdm

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Aug 20, 2021
Your In game name and ID: Daquevius Willis #2156

Admin who issued the Punishment: Danny Fate

The date you were punished:8/20/21

Why was the punishment issued? Me and my friend (Gavin Deen) were being pulled over on the road next to sanders before this incident an officer had the attempt of tazing us so we decided to initiate to get away from the situation. We were then being chased through out the city while being rammed i will add so we had the distinct idea to pull into red parking garage and start shooting as we already gave demands. I then proceeded to kill every single officer after the matter that all this occurred I tried to get Gavin up but he was then banned immediately after that I was banned as well

What are you going to do to prevent this from happening again?
(100 WORD MINIMUM) Next time I will try to be clearer with my demands in hope that the officers can hear us and also know what there officers tried to do. I hope this wont happen again and i'm sorry for the inconvenience me and Gavin have brought upon the 3 officers that were killed in the situation


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Jul 6, 2021
I didnt issue the punishment it was Fratic. aka Dylan_Benniman
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