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    Punishment Issued
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    ID 2012 - RDM

    Punishment Issued
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    Id-122 Mixing demands - Powergaming

    Punishment Issues
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    NoMercy- RDM, NLR and Turf Violation

    Punishement Issued
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    RDM and Turf Violation | ID 327

    Punishment Issued
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    Hoodrich VDM and RDM and powergaming

    Punishment Issued
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    VDM - HoodRich 2

    Player is already Permananetly punished
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    killing in green Zone (HOPE GANG)

    Punishment Issued
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    TURF rules Issue + RDM after Turf

    ID 2417 Punished ID 87 Punished
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    Pending Staff Review RDM KOS (HOPE GANG)

    Under further investigation, 2438 was the one to kill the reporter and he has been punished
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    ID 104, 117, 747

    Punishment Issued - 747 other account is permanently banned so he wont be able to play on thos account
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    [CAR RAM] UID: 1960

    Report Accepted ID: 1960 -VDM (excessive car-ramming without ram bar) Punishment Issued
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    RDM Hopes

    Punishment Issued
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    The DariRiders Family & Background

    yes as long its not a GZ
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    The DariRiders Family & Background

    Please change your HQ outside of GZ, please